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If you're ready to partner with a a progressive company that will lighten your administrative workload, offer solid advice complimented by experienced follow-through to keep your business running efficiently, please contact Lynne Norris at Norris Business Solutions.

We are glad to give quotes on specific projects as well as fee information.

Lynne Norris, Owner/Virtual Assistant
106 Maple Sugar Road
New Millport, PA 16861
(814) 236-0523 Office
1 (425) 650-9671 Fax


Promise to Our Clients

In recognition of our professional obligation to our clients, we shall:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest and insure that our client is aware of any potential conflicts;
  • Present a fair, honest, and objective viewpoint;
  • Protect the proper interests of our client at all times;
  • Safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of all information entrusted to us;
  • Refrain from using the resources of our clients for personal gain or for any other purpose;
  • Accept full responsibility for work that we perform;
  • Hold in highest regard the authority entrusted to us;
  • Represent truthfull information concerning the capabilities of our equipment, software or systems;
  • Offer only those services which we perform well, and aid the client in finding assistance for the tasks which we are unable to perform.

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